Well… we visited our brother in Wales the other day and spent the night at his joint. The next morning we hatched the idea to squeeze in a music video between breakfast and brunch as needed to jump a bus to the airport. We threw what we could in front of the camera, a top musician and father, a charismatic son, a rad old chair and a quiet street in Wales. We got a few angles with our Canon 5D3 using our iPhone for playback – wedging it in the couch. The shoot lasted all of an hour and then we raced for the bus.

Pretty chuffed with the results. Testament to the day and age we live in where all you need is good music a DSLR and some eye for detail and you can make a sweet looking music vid in a day – I say a day cos we spent the rest of that day syncing/cutting/grading the footage, which was a pleasure anyway because it was a travel day for us.

Shot on Canon 5D3, 70-200 f2.8, 24-105 f4, Light Craft Workshop faderND, post in Premiere CS6.