Nick bunkers down in an abandoned car-park – he’s cut off. But like a moth to the flame – he revisits the big smoke to taste the city lights once again. Confronted by visions of his former self – Nick’s worldly construct breaks down – the only thing left to do – is burn it all away.

This music video was filmed around Melbourne City in the Christmas period of 2013 unofficially for the Australian hard rock band The Mark of Cain. We presented the clip to TMOC and they liked it so much that they agreed it should be officially released.

Formed in 1984 – now 30 years on TMOC have released yet another killer album ‘Songs of the Third and Fifth’. Track 7 ‘1000 Yards’ is brutal and honest – and also has sleigh bells in it! We had to make this clip!

3 person Crew, 3 day shoot, and 3 day edit. taking advantage of our Canon 5D3 and Magic Lantern we were able to shoot 50P RAW files. To up the aesthetics further, we mounted a Bell and Howell 2x Anamorphic projector lens on a Nikon 85mm prime.

Enjoy and turn it up loud!

tech note: shot at res 1340×668 squeezed and exported to ProRes444 in Resolve

Nick/Santa : Adam McConvell
Production : Blackbox Films/Farmwalker Films
Director: Dan Farmer
Story: Dan Farmer & Adam McConvell & Amelia Smith
Thanks: James Saunders, Boyd Synnott, Moyan Phillips