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About Us

Farmwalker Films | Melbourne Film and Video Production Company

We are Farmwalker Films, a Melbourne video production company, based in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

We are Dan and Amelia, a husband and wife team. Our love of filmmaking takes us places and we always strive to take the audience on a journey. Be it a wild adventure, the slow paced scenic route or the trusty open road.

We’ve been working for over 15 years directing, shooting and editing content. Our experience is broad, creating content for online advertising, branded content, corporate businesses and independent producers, production houses and agencies.

Dan’s the awesome Cameraman but he’s also a talented Director and Editor. Amelia is a Producer and Interviewer with experience in Casting and Working With Children. We are a bit ying and yang, so we compliment each other well. Our three children keep us exploring all walks of life.

Our humble beginnings as a video production company started in Footscray and we have continued to call Melbourne’s Western Suburbs home.

Dan was educated at Footscray City College and Victorian College of the Arts and as a result, knows the importance of a well-constructed story. He combines his education, equipment knowledge, alternative style and camera flare to create edgy, cinematic, shareable pieces. Be sure to check out his Director of Photography website here.

Farmwalker Films can take care of every part of the production from conception to post production or come on at the stage you need us.

We are easily adaptable, and can grow our crew to meet the needs of the production.

If you are looking for a Melbourne based Film and Video Production Company get in touch!

Contact Us: | 0403 322 217 |0413 520 463

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