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About Us

Farmwalker Films was established in 2011 by Dan Farmer who has worked in video production for over 15 years as a Director, Producer and Cinematographer.

Dan has a natural flair for experimentation, innovation and a desire to push the limits of what is cinematically possible.

Professional, passionate and highly skilled, Dan is able to adapt and work in any situation thrown at him – it seems! Easy to work with, a good sense of humour and an ‘everything will be a-ok’ attitude.

Farmwalker Films offers end-to-end video production services. We have extensive experience in creating video for digital, social and broadcast.

We connect community services and programs with people through the power of film.

We create branded film and content, online marketing, social media campaigns, TV commercials, music videos, training videos, education tutorials, short films, documentaries and event coverage.

We work with government and councils, businesses large and small, creative agencies, artists and musicians.

We have a unique eye and a distinct style that will help set your video content apart.

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